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St Osmund’s is  a Voluntary Aided Catholic school, which means that the responsibility for maintaining our buildings and facilities rests with the Governing Body. The school receives  grant funding intended to cover routine maintenance but the grants are also supposed to cover staff, books and other educational activity. We also have to cover 10% of any capital expenditure.  We are very reliant on the generosity of parents and friends to ensure that there is sufficient money both for routine maintenance, freeing resources for staff, books etc,  and to help towards the long-term development of the school. The contributions to the Governors’ Fund have in recent years enabled us, amongst other things,  to acquire the school's Chrome-books, upgrade to the school's server, maintain the building and re-develop the school library.


If you are already contributing to the governors’ fund – thank you. 


If you are not already contributing to the governors’ fund, we would be very grateful if you could do so. It is a very practical way of supporting your child’s education.


Whatever the size, all donations are very much appreciated. The amount you give is entirely up to you but, as a guide, we would suggest £20 per month, or £5 a week.




You can make a one-off, regular monthly, or annual contribution to the fund and if you can make a Gift Aid declaration, the school can claim back income tax already paid on the donations.  The Gift Aid declaration is below.  For a regular donation, please complete a Standing Order mandate or if you bank online, set up a regular payment.   If you would like to make a one-off donation, please use the Virgin Giving link below.


The form for the Standing Order Mandate is below, as are detailed instructions in how to complete the form.


If you manage your banking online you can normally setup and manage regular payments yourself and do not need to complete the Standing Order Mandate.  Please refer to the Mandate for the governors’ fund sort code and account number for where to send your donation.