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Spring Half Term Pre-learning Tasks

Spring One

What a busy half term it has been!  We have had Healthy Mind and Body week, celebrated Chinese New Year and had History and English week and Maths and Music week.  Throughout the half term our learning focus was on ‘growing and changing’ and we have had great fun observing our daffodils grow and learning about the human life cycle by looking at the changes in us from when we were babies to now. 


We have another busy half term ahead with our trip to Medivet and to Bocketts Farm to support our learning focus on animals. 

Autumn Two

In Autumn Two our Topic was the seasons and the weather.  Our work was centred around the book 'Blue Penguin'; Petr Horáček’s most philosophical picture book yet, focusing on themes around identity and belonging. Blue Penguin is not accepted by his community because he looks different from them. In his lonely dreams he envisions a white whale which moves him to make up a song. Its spiritual quality leads Blue Penguin to friendship and the inspiration to create a new song that everyone can share. The textured illustrations with a colour palette focused on blue and white perfectly evoke the mysticism of the snowy landscape.

The children loved learning about different types of penguins and their habitat.  They looked at the life cycle of the penguin and other interesting penguin facts.  There are many other wonderful stories with penguins as the central character and the children enjoyed sharing these books from home, comparing them and choosing their favourite.  


In celebration of the changing seasons and the beauty of autumn, we looked at the land art of Andy Goldsworthy and made our own installations in the Holy Garden using autumn leaves.




Autumn One

This term we welcomed the children to St Osmund's School.  The children learned our school routines, the school prayers and got to know each other.  We also unveiled our new outdoor learning environment which includes a huge new sandpit, mud kitchen and climbing equipment.

Recommended books to read with your child