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Year 2OS

Spring 1

Spring 1

We have started off this term with a series of themed weeks and lots of new learning in the classroom. 


During healthy mind and body week we made savoury rice cakes and fruit smoothies in order to think about the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat each day. We also took part in daily wake and shakes, meditation, mindfulness activities and the fantastic fun run at the end of  the week. We were also visited by a dentist who came to talk to us about the importance of keeping our teeth clean. 


In English and history week we focused on Louis Braille. We created our names in Braille and looked at examples of Braille on everyday packaging to become aware of Braille's legacy and to appreciate why this significant person from history is still remembered today. 


To explore and identify seasonal change we went on a spring nature walk around Barnes Pond. The children were given a clipboard and a list of things to spot as they walked with their friends. 

We have also enjoyed reading in our reading 'cave' in the classroom. 




Autumn 2 

This half - term we have been rushed off our feet with rehearsals for the KS1 nativity and taking part in two different workshops. The first was from a drama company 'Perform' who encouraged us to think imaginatively about traditional tales and to rehearse what we wanted to write before we wrote down our amazing ideas. Our second workshop took us back to 1666 and we all played a part in acting out the events of The Great Fire of London. We used many of these acting skills in our extremely successful infant nativity play. 

Pre -Learning Task for Autumn 2

Book List for Year 2


Autumn 1 

The children all settled down to work In Year 2 extremely well. This half term we stepped back in time for our 1666 history topic and explored the uses of everyday materials in science. We have really enjoyed exploring 'The Robot and the Bluebird' in English. Particularly enjoying writing diary entries and letters in a variety of different roles, we made some interesting cross curricular links to show off our writing skills. We also continued to have weekly PE lessons taught by PE specialists.