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Year 2T

Spring 1


2T has had a very busy and exciting start to the new year. 


We began with a healthy mind a body week which inspired the children to be aware of how we can look after ourselves. This week included a variety of activities from wake and shake, smoothie making, friendship building, meditation, and a fun run.  


The children have been doing very well in their learning especially learning how to do the column method in maths. We have been learning all about China which was fantastic as some children showed us how to write some words and we learned how to greet each other. The children have created some brilliant pieces of writing which have been thoroughly enjoyable to read. 2T have become excellent weavers this term and are currently creating sea creatures through weaving. 


History and English week was last week, the children learned all about Louis Braille. They created their names in Braille and have become more aware of Braille and its importance within the world. 


We went on a spring nature walk around Barnes Pond. The children were on a spring nature hunt for plants and animals. It was great for the children to explore their local area. 

Health and Wellbeing Week in 2T


The children have been thoroughly enjoying the activities this week. We made smoothies with delicious fruit. The children also made smiley faces with rice cakes and plenty of colourful vegetables. 

Autumn 2


After our half-term, we had our Great Fire of London crew workshop which 2T thoroughly enjoyed. They became fantastic actors!


We made wonderful pop-up books about the Robot and the Bluebird and we began a new story called Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann. We began learning about money in maths. The children have become wonderful at recognising and calculating money. They were so excited throughout this term for the beep test in PE. Along with exploring fitness in PE, they have been doing gymnastics. 


Practicing our songs and learning our lines for the Nativity has been a major part of our term. The children have worked so hard over the last few weeks for their performance. They have done so well and I am so proud of them for their hard work and determination that they have put into the Nativity.  

Autumn 1

2T began the academic year exploring and learning about a variety of topics. 
The great fire of London has been one of the most exciting topics that 2T has learned about this term. We have explored using maps both locally and of London back in 1666 which created great excitement amongst the class. 
Our English story was The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas which created many cross-curricular links. We acted out being robots and the children have written super imaginative stories throughout Autumn 1.  We investigated a variety of materials in science this term. The children enjoyed learning about different materials and their durability.  
We learned about Beginnings in R.E which the children enjoyed learning about. They created fantastic prayers in their books.