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Year 3

Summer Term Home Learning - Printables

Year 3/4 Statutory Word List

Spring One

Year 3 had a very busy term. The children were researching all about prehistoric humans and how they lived in the Stone Age. Linking our History topic with the Science topic 'Rocks and Soils', we explored why rocks were used for particular purposes and how fossils were formed. Our new scheme 'Charanga' for music is in full swing. Focusing on our 'reggae' song, 'Three Little Birds', Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed dancing, clapping and playing instruments to the pulse and tempo of the song. In addition to this, Year 3 visited the magnificent art gallery in St Paul's School. They had the opportunity to view local and international artists' work and choose their favourite artist, followed by designing their own piece of art that they would like their artist to create for them. Our 'Healthy Mind and Body Week' encouraged and motivated the children to exercise more, eat healthy and more importantly to be happy. Finally, 'Maths and Music' week was a great success. Alex Baldwin, a past pupil from St Osmund's School came in to talk to everyone about his career as a musician and his love for music. Throughout the week, the children took part in many activities, such as African Drumming, interactive maths games, which were very entertaining.

Autumn Two

Through motivational and engaging lessons, Year 3 learned to use and understand staff and other musical notations. The children participated in clapping, tapping, singing and playing musical instruments to many different songs. They learned to follow the rhythm and the beat of the songs by reading the music score. We played many instruments; xylophones, recorders, maracas, bells, tambourines and the drums. It was an entertaining lesson and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In Autumn 2, year 3 have read 'Lob' by Linda Newbury and used this text to support their learning of our topic work. The strong environmental theme of the book makes it ideal for cross curricular work. Focusing on change and how to deal with different types of emotions are a key factor in our classroom environment. Year 3 are working on the 'Zones of Regulation' which also interlinks with our book. The children are aware of the different zones of feelings and are working on ways to deal with their emotions.

Pre-Learning for Autumn 2

Autumn One

This term, Year 3 travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt as part of their history topic. The children took part in an amazing workshop by ‘Drama Hut, where they learnt about pyramids, mummification and Pharaohs in the afterlife. They also learnt all about Egyptian Gods; the God of the Sun, the God of the River Nile and the God of Destruction.  Year 3 worked on identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. The children created fabulous posters on our topic of plants for their homework, which were then displayed on our science board. We also read 'The Tin Forest' in English by Helen Ward. This lovely book worked very well with our topic on 'plants' and encouraged the students to think about being environmentally friendly and looking after their belongings. Helen Ward's fable portrayed a very important message to her readers; 'No matter where you live or what your are, where there is imagination, there is hope'.