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Home Learning Task Week 2

Home Learning Task Week 1

Spring 1

This term has flown by in Year 4! We have been busy studying the Anglo-Saxons, teeth and digestive systems, Judaism and our class book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We created Anglo-Saxon houses, and a map showing where they invaded the United Kingdom as well as designing  Anglo-Saxon brooches. This term also consisted of healthy mind and body week whereby Year 4 made smoothies and frozen yoghurt snacks and took part in the fun run. A nutritionist was kind enough to visit our class to inform us about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. We also had English and history week where the class learnt a lot about important dates in history and created a whole-school timeline. Year 4 also took part in Finders Keepers where children were designing a more eco-friendly outdoor learning place.

Spring Newsletter

Autumn 2

This has been a busy term for Year 4! We have been exploring Brazil, comparing the similarities and differences between their culture and ours. The children have also been learning about the importance of the rainforest and the impact of deforestation. We have been reading 'The Great Kapok Tree' and discovering how different animals and people rely on the Amazon rainforest. Swimming lessons have also continued and the children are improving every week.

Pre-Learning Tasks for Autumn 2

Autumn 1

During this term, Year 4 have been focussing on the topic 'The Romans'. The children have been busy learning about how the Romans impacted Britain, Boudicca's revolt and what the Romans left behind. We were also lucky enough to visit The British Museum to discover more about Roman Britain. Our chosen book for Autumn 1 was 'Varjak Paw' - from which children were motivated/inspired to write a wide variety of texts. We also started swimming lessons at Putney Leisure Centre.

Autumn Newsletter