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Year 4R

Summer 1 Pre-Learning Tasks

Well done to 4R for working hard this term! You have all settled in really well after the Christmas break. We have had such a busy half term. One highlight was cooking the breakfast muffins, as part of our healthy body and mind week. 4R really enjoyed this activity and I was so impressed with their fantastic cooking skills- the breakfast muffins came out delicious! We also participated in karate and cricket during healthy body and mind week which was fun.


I hope you all have a well deserved rest this half term and I look forward to seeing you all when we return to school.


Miss Ryder 



4R Spring One

4R have had a fantastic term this Autumn Term! They have been able to mix with their peers in 4B at playtime and lunchtime and they have completed excellent work. You should all be very proud of yourselves! 


A highlight of this term was the Roman workshop. Every pupil participated by asking questions and acting in the role of different Roman and Celt characters. They also got to enjoy ten weeks of swimming and performed beautifully during the school's Advent service. 


I hope you all have a very well deserved and rested Christmas holidays. It has been a pleasure teaching 4R during this Autumn Term- they have all made me feel very welcome at St Osmund's. I look forward to seeing you all again in the Spring Term and hearing all of the wonderful things that you do in the Christmas holidays.


See you all in 2022!


Miss Ryder 

Roman Workshop