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Year 5

Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we have been studying 'The Victorians', we have looked at different aspects of Victorian life using 'Street Child' as a platform to explore what life was like in the workhouses and on the streets. We focused especially on child labour and the laws that came into effect during the Victorian era. Unfortunately, Year 5 were unable to visit the Victorian School, so the Victorian school came to them! They dressed up as Victorians and practiced Victorian school rules and perfected their 'Copperplate' style handwriting to prepare them for their roles. We then celebrated a Victorian Christmas with garlanding as well as  traditional carols, christmas cards and crackers.

Year 5 Pre-Learning tasks


The children in Year 5 have started their new book 'The London Eye Mystery' and we have been discussing what might have happened to Salim! Salim has gone missing whilst travelling on the London Eye, check out the theories below to see what the children think has happened!