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This term Year 6 threw themselves in to our Healthy Mind and Body Week. Participating in 'Wake and Shake' daily, completing daily activity circuits and preparing healthy snacks. They also enjoyed an action packed karate lesson.

Year 6 have had the opportunity to represent our school in competitive football league fixtures against other ,local schools. Don't they look smart in their new kit!

Year 6 have been outstanding this term. Working conscientiously in all lessons, they have embraced our studies into the Great War and the Second World War wholeheartedly. Fortunately, we were able to enjoy a class trip to the RAF Museum in November, where the children found out about the Blitz, the Battle of Britain and took observational drawings of the Supermarine Spitfire, the Avro Lancaster and the Messerschmitt ME 262.


Year 6 have all been given positions of responsibility and have proven to be excellent buddies for our Reception pupils. In addition, each pupil made a beautiful Christmas card with a thoughtful message for the residents of Viera Gray House Care Home. I very much look forward to working with the eco, arts, curriculum and faith councils in 2022.


During the Autumn term, the pupils were also able to participate in competitive fixtures once again. They enjoyed netball, football and tag rugby matches in the local school leagues and a small group were selected to represent our St Osmund's in the Richmond Schools' Cross Country Meet at Richmond Park.


Well done year 6 for an amazing first term. I am excited for all the wonderful learning opportunities we have ahead of us in 2022.

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