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At St Osmund’s we believe that no two people see things in exactly the same way and therefore encourage children to draw, paint and create what they see and not what they think they are supposed to see. In this way children develop a positive and very individual approach to art and their creativity is allowed to flourish.


Art is taught as a discreet subject in line with the National Curriculum 2014 objectives and encourages the children to see art as fundamentally important to creation and their education. The children study specific artists; develop skills in sketching, paintwork and sculpture; and show progression of these skills within their sketchbooks.


Art is celebrated through an Art Week, during which the children use the skills that they have acquired over the course of the year, to produce work around a theme.  The culmination of all children’s work during Art Week is exhibited in a local exhibition, which is very well supported by parents and the local area and is a key event in the annual calendar.