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At St Osmund's we encourage children to develop their language and communication skills through drama and role play, speaking and listening, reading and writing.


Learning a foreign language is such an important part of our curriculum.   It is a skill for life and gives access to cross-curricular learning: for example the recital of our daily prayers in a different language, the understanding of grammatical terminology, acting out a scene from a real life situation and physical co-ordination through miming.


At St Osmund's we aim to develop not only our children’s oral aspects of a language, but also their written knowledge using various resources and interactive software. We also want our children to write in sentences about various topics by the end of KS2. In the upper key stages, children are assessed throughout the year and work towards their Lingua Badge Awards (at both bronze and silver level). Particular importance is given to the following skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking and inter-cultural understanding.


To enhance our pupils’ understanding of a different culture we have established links and correspondence with a French School in Rouen.