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Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Implementation


At St Osmund’s we provide opportunities for knowledge, skill and concept building through subject specific teaching and through cross-curricular learning. We encourage and allow pupils to make connections between different areas of the curriculum and personal experience. Pupils recognise and use transferable skills, that move beyond subject boundaries and reflect on how they will use these skills in future life.


When planning, we ensure learning opportunities are relevant and progressive, taking into account starting points and prior learning for all learners. Although planning takes place as discrete subjects, we follow a thematic curriculum where possible and opportunities for cross-curricular learning are identified and utilised, so that coherent learning ensues, through linking appropriate curricular areas, deepening understanding and extending knowledge and skill application.


At St Osmund’s we provide challenging learning experiences that are active, engaging and inspiring for all. We have high expectations of attainment and achievement in all curriculum areas, and are focused on improving attainment in writing to match the high levels attained in other areas, for all pupils, including those with EAL. It is our aim that all pupils leave us with the ability to express themselves correctly and appropriately, in spoken and written English, and to read accurately, with understanding and enjoyment. We differentiate our teaching and learning approaches providing supported, guided, independent and collaborative learning opportunities for all pupils, resulting in high outcomes.


We set ambitious, yet achievable targets for pupil learning and closely monitor, assess and track progress. We use a variety of formative and summative assessment techniques and focus on providing quality feedback to learners that provides developmental next steps for learning. All pupils are actively engaged in the assessment cycle through self and peer assessment and teacher feedback ensures reflection and response that moves learning forward.


A significant component in instilling a lifelong love of learning, is developing skills for learning. Pupils at St Osmund’s are encouraged and supported to become independent learners, who are confident to challenge themselves and resilient enough to learn and grow from mistakes, continually reflecting on their own learning.


We encourage pupils to be creative and independent thinkers through our creative and adaptable learning opportunities that take into account pupil’s interests, ideas and current social, national and international events. Throughout the school year, carefully planned, whole school, themed weeks occur to extend and strengthen learning experiences and enrich our school curriculum.


We aim to provide the highest standards of spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing. Effective learning behaviours and strong, supportive relationships, at all levels, from pupils through to leadership are a strength of St Osmund’s which create strong foundations for effective learning to take place.  Our curriculum encourages active lifestyles and school, parish and community involvement through pupil council and pupil leadership opportunities, strong links with the parish of St Osmund’s and increasing participation in community events.