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Year 3

Merry Christmas Year 3!


We are already at the end of our Autumn Term, and what a busy term it has been. In only a short period of time, the children have grown, become more resilient and are starting to embrace the independence of being in KS2. It makes me very proud to witness their development in such a short period of time and I am already excited to do more next term! We have covered so much this term, from becoming Ancient Egyptians to becoming archaeologists. 


Thank you Year 3 for working so well, for giving your best efforts even when certain topics are tough and I hope to see this continue in the next term!!


Have an amazing Christmas break and may 2023 be a year full of happiness and joy for you and your families!


Mr Darriba 


Ancient Egyptian Workshop


Becoming archaeologists


Story time in the library!!

Spring Term Pre-Learning Tasks