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Well done Marcus for making it from London to Paris! Adam


Well done Lou Jordan - what a challenge! AMAZING!!!  - John P

Lou, you are AMAZING!!! Congratulations on such a fabulous achievement, you should be super proud! Lots of love Elise xxx


Well done Anthony and Louise  - Denise Strudwick

Well done Anthony and Louise Delsol! And all parents who took part. Mightily impressed! The Barrows


Well done Louise Jordan! Brilliant achievement  - Sarah Mismar

Congratulations Inigo & team! You've done yourselves proud!  - Joseph Nicholson

So proud of you Laura! You did it and well done you! Love Dad X


Well done to Laura C & all the team! What an amazing effort! Love Michele & all the family xxx


Well done John! Amazing achievement! Hope your legs have recovered now. Love the Hawkers x  - Kate Hawker

Congratulations Marcus & all the team  - Gautier Jacob


My Father would always add an extra £5 when someone he sponsored completed their challenge. So in his memory, this donation includes £5 for each and everyone of you. What you achieved collectively was so inspiring and I was so pleased to be there to greet you in Paris at the end! Alex, B & S x


Well done Jasmine...very proud of your achievement! Noja x


In support of Jasmine Wyers, well done on an amazing challenge!! – Jamie Coates

Congratulations to all the riders such an amazing accomplishment. Well done 👏 👏👏 – Arlene Coutts



well done John – Elizabeth Wells


Da iawn Thomas.   – Steffan Rees


Mark C, good luck what a great thing to do – Jen Martinez


Go Mark Collini and team from the Sydneys


Jasmine - great challenge for a great cause! Good luck! Elizabeth M


Well done again Penny - definitely not cake-ing it easy!  - Andrew Brown


Many congratulations to all who rode, especially to Will Van de Pette! – Jonathan Van De Pette


Well done Jasmine, a great effort – Paddy


Very well done Jasmine! You are a star!! I'm so proud of you! Lots of ️ Pari xx


Supporting Will van der Pette for this great cause and effort! – Diamandis Karamagias


Well done Celia!!! Awesome effort!!!   - Anna Thomson

Jasmine Gill - how did it go??!! I’m sure you smashed it!!! Xxx  - Anonymous


Well done, Celia! Love from, Geoffrey, Steve and Johnny


“Go Sis!” (Al Sherman) love Caro “Very well done Al Sherman!” Love Mum & Dad “Think of the croissants at the other end Al Sherman, love Cat x” “Go Girl!” Love Gail & Mark (Al Sherman) “We are so proud of you, well done! (Al Sherman)” Love Theo, Sam and Jesse


Sanjay Chawla, “Rider = Mick Burn”. All the best Mick


Well done Jack Sever and team, remembering 2013  - Gary Ford


Well done all the riders!   - Philippa Weeks


Well done Jasmine, congratulations! What an epic achievement and great cause. Marcus


Well Done Aunty Lou and Uncle Ant. You are amazing. Love Beau Fraser and Rae


Well done Celia- proud of you! Pilates Pat


Hi Will and the other brave bike riders. Well done on a brilliant achievement, very impressive. Best wishes Maria W.


Congratulations to all the team on cycling to Paris.   – Anonymous


Well done John S I am amazed that you managed to complete it! – Barry


Well done to legal eagle Mark Collini for completing this bike ride and for such a wonderful cause!   - Munir Rafiq


What an incredible achievement! Well done to you all, love from Chloe x  - Chloe Johnston-Norman


Amazing bike ride! Well done!   - Adela Carrasco




Well done Mark Collini we're all proud of you.


Ant and Lou Delsol. You amazing people. Proud to call you our friends. Really well done. Love from all at Tates (for all your estate agency needs!) X


Chapeau to Will VdP and all the riders. Well done, Best, Luke


Amazing effort Mick! Incredible experience for a good cause Rider: Mick Burn Donation: Paula Forzani


Well done everyone! Such a wonderful achievement. Xxx


Good cause  - Eric cheek  - Well done John Amanda


Well done Ini and team!! Best wishes, Emily W :)


@Emmanuel, hope it all went well and you are now recovering. Great innitiative! Daniela


Celia, congratulations on your fantastic efforts on your bike. What an achievement and for worthy causes. Every school needs parents like St Osmunds has!! Well done everyone. – Nicola Stuart-Menteth


Hope the bike ride went well Mick!


Well done Will and all the staff, parents and children. – Katy Makepeace-Gray


Congratulations to Louise Jordan, what an amazing achievement! – Donna Taylor



Waigo, Emmanuel (Reigate)   - Peter Boyall


Well done Mark and the team. Next year, Alpe d'Huez!


Well done everyone! What a huge achievement. Hope you all manage a restful week ahead. Best, Karen & Justin  - Karen Boyle


Congrats to all especially, Mark Collini for making it to Paris in one piece!


Lots of love from Ioanna, Luis and little Olivia!


Well done, Jasmine! Fantastic effort :) Best wishes, Nick Beckwith


Angela Noguera - well done Ange fantastic performance (tuff like a rhino) and full of Scottish tenacity and determination. Love M&M


Well done Ange, amazing achievement! Don xx


Amazing effort, all. Huge admiration for everyone participating but especially for our dear friend Arianna Botti.


Supporting Jasmine Gill's bike ride to Paris for great causes. With best wishes from Michael Hunt


Well done on this amazing achievement. We hope that the ride went well! An excellent cause. Best wishes from Mal, Alay and all of the team here at CITL (ClickOn IT London)


Bravo Celia - great effort!! – Fiona Hollands


Well done all n special shout out to Jasmine xx  - Dawn Peet


Sounds like an epic journey! Well done to Becks & everyone on the cycle team – B Stevens


Well done to Becks & all the riders, what an achievement!


Well done to Manny and the rest of you....ita effort to do what you have done and commitment ....well done. Rakhi and family xxx  


For Ant & Lou. Congratulations guys, amazing effort and brilliant cause! Matt S


Well done Al. Congratulations to everyone involved. The Myerscough family.


Go, my friends! And THANKS!  - Teresa Cockburn


Well done Anthony


Well done Iñigo and All for this great initiative and accomplishment! Marisol


Well done Celia, blessings, Chris and Fran Moorhouse


Good luck. Sheila and Bob. Good to meet you all at the Wargrave Cafe.


Well done John   - Paul Sutherland


Great effort by all who took part. I hope the legs don’t hurt too much today!  - Stuart Richardson


Well done to everyone but a special big shout out to Angela Noguera xx  - Sharon Boother


Congratulations to Alex Sherman on completing the ride, from her uncle Bill


Dear everyone, congratulations on getting to Paris! Hope you celebrated last night! Great effort! Love from the Hesketh family x


Rider = Mick Burn Good luck Mick  - Andrea Palmer

Félicitations Mark and all of Team St Osmund’s!


Well done Manny! Alex, Zoe, Albert & Agnes x


Well done Mark Collini!! Love the Isaac family x



Great achievement. Hope you're not too sore!  - Jennie Talman


Well done John & Team, what an amazing challenge and achievement! Love Claire, DJ, Sophie & Jesse xxx


Annamaria and family support Arianna


Well done John, and all. From The Butchers


Mara and Luca supporting Arianna


Good luck Angela. Big hug. Kyo


What a ride!  - Roger Hawkins

So immensely proud of my sister Laura for completing this epic ride. Well done! PK x


Very impressive Celia!! Rather you than me! ;) Hope it goes well and you recover just as well! Fiona Allison x


For Andy Whitmore. Enjoy the ride. – Christopher Goodwin



We are so proud of you Arianna 🌟 P & L  - Paola


Happy Birthday Hatter (Celia B-M)! What a fab thing to be doing on your birthday, so proud of you! Hope there is a BIG slice of cake waiting at the end!


Ali, Angela, Laura, Becks, Trev & of course Anthony (Daddy O), we are SO PROUD of you and the whole team for taking on this challenge. Enjoy every moment of the ride to Paris. Love: Christina, Anya, James & Jenica


Good luck to John Hawkins and all of the cyclists!


Good luck guys 😊   - Dan Giliberti



Good luck John and team! We hope it's going well! Alex, Pete, Katherine and Frances


Good luck Laura Chevalier 🌟🌟🌟   - Maddy Barrington-Groves


This is for Mark!! GOOD LUCK from Gen :)


Good luck to Celia and all parents involved. Sending you best safe wishes. Joe, Lorna, Daisy and Tabitha


Forza Arianna Botti!!! da Franci


May the wind be behind you brave cyclists! X  - Ellie Sleeman


In bocca al lupo Arianna xx  - Cristina Lorenzet


Go Jasmine, go! Well Done INDEED. Wishing you a safe and successful ride. Your sleep having completed the challenge will be the best. Take care, Chris O


Good luck Jazmin and Marcus (and everyone else). Very impressed with your challenge. Lots of best wishes for gentle weather from Ian, Lotte, Anna and Freya



Good luck Louise and Ant! You'll smash it like your the hottest things in/out there! Love Sema xxx


Shilpa Sanghai Rider= Mick Burn


Rider - Mick Burn Good luck! Best wishes Mo   - Moumita Choudhury


Best of luck Mick Burn, a worthy cause. Ravin


Good luck Celia ! May the wind always be at your back , the road rise up to meet you and the sun shine upon your face . From BT-P


Good luck John and team, what a great cause  - Sarah Pavlou


Go go go Laura! Good luck, we know you will smash it love Clover, Craig and Sky xxx


Good luck & hope the weather is good! Vanessa & Iain Cheyne

Best of luck to all! Will be thinking of you, Celia S-M x


Good luck Jasmine, I hope the weather is kind.  – Alister Beveridge


What a great cause:)  - Nicola Bennett


Hi Laura! The Skewis’ are routing for you


Forza Ari.... la tua mamma


Good luck Ini, Coles family, really good cause.


Ali Mahmud 😊  - Saira Juma


Good luck to Will and the peloton. My your saddles be soft and your tyres ever inflated. Richard (TBF)  - Richard Raine


Enjoy the ride :-) – Tommy Allieri


Well done, Tom! At least it is not to Afghanistan.. Helen


Rider = Mick Burn Best of luck Mick! Enjoy the beer (or glass of wine!) at the end!  - Thomas Howell

Good luck Jasmine and friends!  - Caroline Williams


Way to go Jasmine! May the wind be on your back the whole way! – Tim Lorimer


You got this Al. Don't tell anyone that you have a partially electric bike. :))  - Tal Mahmud

Good Luck Ali! And all the St Osmunds Parents! You’ll smash it! Netty & James x

Enjoy the croissants when you arrive! – Anthony Taylor

In support of Laura Kennedy … my beautiful niece/little sister/best friend … simply the best xx   - Julie Kennedy

A worthy cause, Good luck to all cyclists. The NSSport Team

Have a great ride!  - Paul Collini

Very best of luck Jasmine Gill and all of your co-adventurers. What a fantastic challenge. I can only hope that the weather, and bike saddles, show you the utmost kindness. Have a great adventure! James B. Xx  - Charles Bury

Go Lou and Ant, so very proud of you Love Dad


A fabulous team riding for a fabulous cause! Such a pleasure to be joining you all on this adventure. On y va! Penny


Goooooooo Laura and team! Super proud of you! Dig deep. Enjoy the view! 🚴‍ – Lynn Cockburn

Way to go Al!! So impressed. Xox The Horns

Show em’ what you’re made of Del’Sol’s!!


Louise and Anthony.. bonne chance et continuz `a pedaler ensemble..🏁🏁 Tante Marie❤️❤️ -Mary McSharry

Angela You’re amazing for doing this!!! So impressed. Good luck and Team Taylor will be with you all the way. You will have such great memories to look back on and what an achievement to top. If Ed can do it, you can do it (and better 😉) Lots of love, Team Taylor XX   _ Li Ann Koh

Laura Just WOW. You’ve made it!!!! You’re so amazing for doing this and I have loved seeing how far you’ve come, you’ve made it look easy !! Wishing you the best ride where it all pays off. Team Taylor are with you all the way. Keep calm and peddle on!!!! Lots of love, Team Taylor XX  Li Ann Koh


Ali In blink, she’s a pro……go Ali go!!! You’re amazing for doing this. Wishing you the best ride where it all pays off. Team Taylor are with you all the way …. Just keep peddling!!! You’ve got this!!! Lots of love Team Taylor XX  Li Ann Koh

Best of luck, Ini! Dan and Kat.


Good luck Aunty Al (Al Mahmud) Maryam & Zahra xx


Best of luck to Ant and Lou. You have worked so hard and had some adventures along the way! What a great cause. Enjoy the ride and keep your mouth closed.  – Abby Brooks-Edwards


Ride like the wind Celia and team!! We are so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about it! Love Jo, Pete, Rory & Archie xx


Good Luck to Al and the team - safe trip


Good luck Celia!! One year Bath Half, the next Barnes to Paris… what is lined up for 2024?!! Wishing you the best of luck. Sophie, Jon and co :) xxx

Rider = Mick Burn Anais


Good luck Trev from all your pals at HMP Wandsworth


Angela, Laura & Ali Best of luck for the ride, you can do it girls! Irene xx


Go go go Ali, Laura, Ange and the rest of the riders – Mary King-Nemeth


wishing you all the best ini - what an amazing thing to do. hope there's a nice cold beer waiting for you at the end! lots of love, amy n, ari and girlboss xxx  - Amy Nield


Good luck to John Sutherland and all team mates. A fantastic effort! Mandy Marsh


Bonne chance Ini, a great tribute. X  - Pauline Hoyle


Go Bearded! SM  - Simon Marsh


Good luck to all the teachers parents and friends - especially those in Years 4 & 6. We are so so proud of you all. Nearly there! Xx


Go Ini! Hope it goes well. Big hugs, from Phil, Charlie, Emily & Harry.


Good Luck everyone. Your efforts are hugely appreciated.  – Dominic Clark


Good luck mums and Mamils! U r all amazing! Ottie and her family x – Joceline Topham


Good Luck Willam and Team. Keep safe. With Love always and our very Best Wishes Mother and Pete


from the van de Pette family


Rider = Mick Burn Richard Murray


Torsten Gerharz Rider = Mick Burn


Good luck to everyone at St Osmunds doing the bike ride and a special shout out to Keila, Arianna & Mark!


Anthony good luck with the bike ride. See you next week. Sheila Lacey


Go Lou and Ant! We’re so proud of the commitment and all the training your team has put in over the past few months.  – Charmaine Clarke


Good luck to Celia and the team! Amazing… sending you all so much energy for tomorrow! – Harriet Stuart-Menteth


For Jasmine: Wishing you and the team all the very best over the coming days! Natasha


Good luck, Jasmine! – Andrew Cooke



Go John go! Good luck from Scott, Did and Archie  - Caroline Harborow


Huge good luck everyone, so inspiring!! The Konrad Family x


Good luck to Michelle and Michael from the Hebditches.


Al ... best of luck!!! Love Tim, Bamber, Wilber XX


Bring me back a large tin of soup de poisson ( fish soup) and a baguette or two. Good luck. – William Wight


We are so proud of you Daddy. You and your friends have put in so much hard work and we wish you all loads of luck. Love from Oscar and Chloe (for John S)


Good luck Michelle! Joey & Bryn x


Best of luck Anthony!!! 🚴 Justin B.


Good luck! Giulia, Francesca and Andrea.


Smash it, mr Matas  - Benjamin Brill


Well done and good luck Celia and team, love Simon and Louise xx