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Year 4

It has been a busy half term in Year 4. Lots of learning has taken place including clarinet lessons, circuit making and story writing. We have had lots of fun and the children have worked really hard everyday. I have been really impressed with their creativity, especially in their artwork and story writing, their determination and their kindness towards each other. Please see the Pre- learning Tasks for the half term break and continue to practice your times tables. 


I hope you all have a restful break, ready to come back for the last half term of year 4.


Miss Sloan 

Easter Pre-Learning Tasks

Kew Gardens

We had lots of fun taking part in Wake and Shake daily. The skipping workshop was a huge hit and we are still practicing our skills on the playground, it was great fun but also hard work. We really enjoyed making our healthy snacks, Apple Donuts,  and some of us even went home and made more.

What an exhausting but excellent week we had!

What a busy term we have had!

We have been involved in, Author Events, The Tideway Trip, Roman Day, Science and Maths Investigations, Coded our own games and eaten a yummy Christmas Dinner, and that isn't even all!

The children have been amazing. They have worked really hard this term and have been so enthusiastic to learn. But also, we have had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what next term brings.

Thank you all, for the lovely Christmas gifts and messages. I hope you all have a lovely, restful, Christmas and New Year!

See you next year, 

Miss Sloan

Roman Day