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The government of the school is provided by the Governing Body.  The composition of the Governing Body reflects the school's position as part of the Church and at the heart of the Parish of St Osmund's and the wider Barnes community.  There are fourteen positions on the Governing Body, of these:


  • eight  are Foundation Governors, appointed by the Archbishop of Southwark. One of the Foundation Governors is the Parish Priest;
  • one is the Head Teacher;
  • one is a member of staff elected by their peers;
  • two are parents of current pupils, elected by their fellow parents;
  • one is a Governor appointed by the Local Authority; and
  • one is an individual co-opted by the Governing Body because of their specialist skills and experience.


 All Governors except the Headteacher and Staff Governor are volunteers.  


The Head Teacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school, the implementation of policy and the operation of the curriculum.  The Governing Body is responsible for determining, monitoring and keeping under review, the policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.


The Governing Body normally meets five times a year as a body and in sub-committees during intervening times.   The sub-committees are responsible for

  • Stewardship. Admissions are considered by a sub-committee.

  • Teaching and learning

  • Finance & Premises


Governors also attend some school functions and carry out monitoring visits.


The Governing Body also appoints Associate Members who are individuals with specialist knowledge or experience that can assist the work of the sub-committees of the Governing Body.